This region is frequently referred to as the “Green heart of Italy,” which is a fitting name considering the characteristics of the area. Located at the centre of the peninsula without outlets to the sea, it is mainly a hilly territory with an exuberant and charming dose of nature. Just like Tuscany, Umbria has a long-standing consolidated agritourism tradition thanks to the warm reception, the beauty and charm of the facilities surrounded by beautiful landscapes. Few areas are able to offer spiritual involvement, artistic testimony and environmental elegance blended as harmonically as they are here. Visitors cannot help being overcome by emotion and touched by the human and cultural values that Umbria represents.


Visiting the sites of beloved Saint Francis will take you to the splendid Basilica in Assisi, where you will find a masterpiece by Giotto, the Porziuncola, which is located inside Santa Maria degli Angeli in Assisi and the enchanting church San Damiano, which St. Francis devoted himself to. In the province of Terni you will find the Cascata delle Marmore waterfall with the waters of the Velino falling into the Nera River with an impressive triple waterfall that has a 165 metre drop. Going in the opposite direction you will pass through Narni and Amelia before reaching the city of Orvieto. Here it is obligatory to visit the famous Cathedral, a masterpiece of Italian gothic architecture.