A land of art and famous people, it has the most famous landscapes in the world, charming nature and the admirable genius of humanity. Tuscany is an excellent tourist destination and the ambassador of the agriturismo in Italy and throughout the world. Do note that Tuscany has six sites that have been declared as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO.

The itineraries available to tourists are highly varied: the art cities, the Maremma countryside, the Apuan Alps, Versilia, the natural parks and the islands. Definitely worth a mention, the traditional events in the region are unrivalled and they attract visitors from all over: just consider the Palio in Siena, the games of Saracino in Arezzo or the Carnival in Viareggio.


In Tuscany you can choose essentially between two types of sojourn: or travel the countryside enjoying the enchanting landscapes and nature that conserves the charm unchanged with the passage of years and the green that is so difficult to forget. Or you can choose a historical and cultural journey to visit the abundant city and artistic centres throughout the region. Florenceis without rivals and Pistoia, has a pulpit by Giovanni Pisano located in the Sant'Andrea church that would be reason enough for a vacation here. Lucca has walls from the fifteen hundreds and Pisa has the world famous leaning tower as well as an enchanting Piazza del Duomo which is one of a kind, the medieval Siena with Piazza del Campo is known throughout the world.


Anyone can try to find a more congenial vacation, from the sea to the hot springs as well as the wine roads and hiking or horseback riding trails. With exclusive hotels offering more traditional hospitality as well as the opportunity to stay in privately owned country farm homes the countryside in Tuscany is known throughout the world for its small rural settlements that have today been turned into rural tourism farms.