The history of Sicily is a series of peoples and foreign rule that influenced the landscape, the cuisine, the traditions and the language. The regional identity is the outcome of the meeting and integration of different cultures. From a natural point of view, Sicily offers visitors its singular coasts, its islands, its volcanoes and its citrus groves.

With regard to the tourist itinerary, in Sicily the choice is endless: the Arabic charm of Monreale and Palermo, Baroque Catania, the Greek ruins in >Agrigento and Siracusa, the wild and unspoiled nature of the island.

Those who want to discover the traditions in Sicily while respecting the environment, can try one of the many farms that have been converted to host rural tourism. They offer hospitality in large masserie farmsteads and ancient manor houses, set in the Bourbon estates. The tourist will be delighted by the beauty of the landscapes and the art as well as the abundance of culinary specialties on the island