The coast in Sardinia is truly without match and it is not by accident that Sardinia is one of the most popular tourist destinations for both Italians and foreigners.

The province of Cagliari is one of the most well known areas from a tourism point of view and it offers enchanting landscapes and beaches as well as the possibility of visiting the city of Cagliari which is rich in both history and art. The coast to the south is filled with natural coves and you can enjoy solitary and enchanting beaches. For ancient history lovers there is a destination that you cannot miss: the necropolis of Tuxiveddu where you can visit tombs of Carthage from the sixth century B.C. The western coast and its inland areas are the part that is less well known and for this reason the unspoiled countryside is even more enjoyable.
The island also contains other treasures: incredible landscapes, that are filled with history and charm, the nuraghi and vestiges of primitive civilization, the interior high plains for hiking along the paths of the shepherds, the hospitality of its people, the coastal cities and the inland towns.

In Sardinia more than in other regions of Italy, agritourism has contributed to promoting the economy and environment in the rural less developed areas creating a model type tourism that is completely ecological and aids in the discovery of previously undiscovered natural and cultural sites.