Piedmont is a complex land that is rich and varied. It will leave you in awe not only of its natural and artistic beauty, but also thanks to its traditions and unique events. The territory of Piedmont is divided equally among mountains, hills and plains: the Alps, the gentle hills of Langhe and Monferrato, the river landscapes and the rice fields. There is even the great city – Turin – the primary political capital of Italy and certainly the capital of art nouveau and the automotive industry.

Piedmont is also a land of great wines with a culinary tradition that is based on natural ingredients. There are some true specialties such as the cheeses and the truffles that have enriched the world's most prestigious tables for years.

The breadth and the variety of the regional territory allow tourists to choose from among many different offers: excursions in the natural parks, visits to discover art and history, sports of all kinds, relaxation and fine dining.


We will highlight two very different offers of the many places to visit in this region. If you want to discover the history of this region, dedicate an entire weekend to visiting the provincial capital. Turin tells the story of the House of Savoy without even having to search it out. The city is filled with museums so don't leave Turin without dedicating the time necessary to visit the Egyptian Museum: it is an unforgettable experience and a truly singular exhibit of a civilization that is fascinating,

If you don’t want to miss out on an exciting trip to a fairy tale land and if you are able to enjoy yourself simply by the splendid colours of nature then le Langhe, with its soft gentle hills will seem like home. Here in the quiet expanses of hazelnut orchards and vineyards, there are myriad churches, castles, and abbeys where you can relax your body and mind, as many of history’s most illustrious did.