This intensely urbanized territory has been moulded by humanity. The region seems to converge towards its large capital Milan: that is the initial impact when approaching Lombardy. Despite this, Lombardy has been able to maintain its unique physiognomy in tact in several areas and the great diversity of environments is one of its treasures: in the alpine and pre-alpine mountain tops and the great valley cut by rivers and a thick network of canals, it is still possible to find the antique rural aspects of the region. The large lakes have a wonderful microclimate and splendid villas, the hills offer the great wines of Lombardy. Thanks to all this, Lombardy has an exceptional tourism to offer, with great quality, made not only of natural and environmental beauty, but also cities of art, wine and food, sports and entertainment.

The agritourism offering is highly characterized by the abundance of interesting architecture, which distinguishes a large part of agritourism establishments in Lombardy: the “cascina”, a quadrilateral construction that delimits the traditional “courtyard”, was the area where the production activities and social life took place on the farms.