A land between the mountains and the sea, Liguria inevitably feels the characteristics of these two landscape extremes. One of the most unique images in the Liguria landscape is the cultivated terraced land surrounding the hill top towns reached on narrow, twisted roads: a demonstration of how human intervention has changed the landscape, enriching it without distorting it. The olives and basil are the only principle fruits grown in this region in tiny lots "ripped" with fatigue from nature to become a symbol of the popular Ligurian tradition.

Beach tourism is the most famous in the region thanks to the mild climate and the typical Mediterranean vegetation which makes it an ideal place for excursions on the many coastal and inland hiking paths. Discover the seaside and valley towns to taste a cuisine that is rich in aroma and original pairings.


There are many occasions for inquisitive tourists to visit both the coast and the inlands. On the coast, the medieval town of Noli, a tiny sea republic is worth a visit, as is Albenga with a well preserved historic centre and Alassio, an ancient tourist centre with ancient traditions. San Remo, beyond the modern Italian Song Festival, can boast a medieval past that is evidenced by the splendid cathedral San Siro, among other tourist sights. The inland areas between Loano and Albenga provide opportunities for visiting caves in the Grotte di Toirano. Beyond the underground lakes, halls and rooms, the guided tour will allow you to discover the bear cemetery and some fascinating traces left over from prehistoric eras (around 12,500 years ago).