In Latium, when you think of tourism, the first thing that comes to mind is Rome and its millennium of history. The richness and variety offered throughout the region is frequently never considered. It includes mountainous areas in the province of Rieti, the litorale pontino coasts, the Roman countryside, the Latium Maremma countryside, Etruscan and Roman archaeological areas as well as abbeys and medieval castles all of which are steeped in the most prized wine and food traditions.

An itinerary in the Latium region offers visitors the possibility to admire landscapes and very different environments without having to travel any distance. That is because this region is incredibly diverse in its natural and historical-artistic influences. To enjoy the flavours, nature art and history of Latium, it is best to enter inland to enjoy the sites one by one, discovering the customs and the traditions of the people who live here and varying types of nature protected by a vast system of parks and reserves.