An entirely mountainous region, Aosta Valley has Italy’s highest Alps and a natural patrimony that is among the most spectacular, with over a fifth of its territory classified as a wildlife and nature reserve. Aosta Valley hosts Gran Paradiso National Park, the Regional Park of Mont Avic, 8 nature reserves, and 4 alpine gardens. With 210 glaciers, 500 streams and 400 lakes, the area offers great surprises winter, summer and all the rest of the year.
A vacation in Aosta Valley means discovering an authentic and well-conserved territory, as well as old-fashioned flavours and genuinely warm family-style hospitality in Aosta Valley, introducing visitors to the secrets of the mountains and its traditions.

Leaving Aosta, which has always been a major junction thanks to its position with the crossroads of the major roadways connecting Italy to France and Switzerland: the tiny towns and well-known areas here will offer views that take your breath away and an unforgettable atmosphere.
Near the city, you should stop in at Sarre, Aymavilles and Cogne. Continuing on the main road towards the majestic mountain Monte Bianco, allow yourself a relaxing stroll in the lovely centre of Courmayeur, while in the other direction you will find Chatillon, St. Vincent, Brusson and many other areas known for summer and winter tourism.